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Software Sales

Great Prices on Credit Card Processing Software

Some of our merchants prefer to process their credit card sales via their computer instead of using an electronic terminal. If you are considering going the software route then look no further, because Credit Card Processing Services is an authorized direct reseller for all of the major credit card software manufacturers.

How Does Software Work?

Basically, credit card processing software works the same as any other off-the-shelf software you might have already installed on your computer. You will be shipped either a floppy disk or a CD-ROM which you will install on your computer with directions which are included. CCPS will provide you with a sheet with all of the necessary setup information specific to your merchant account and processor. During the install each manufacturer will require you to call or dial in for a validation or security code to activate the software (That is why you should be careful of some companies on the Internet who sell you discounted software which cannot be activated for use). CCPS always pays for you to have free tech support from the manufacturer for at least 30 days from the time of activation.

Once installed you simply click on the software icon on your desktop and you are ready to manually key in your sales and transmit them to your processor via your computer's dialup modem or via IP connectivity for authorization. Separate click-on screens allow you to perform all of the usual functions of a terminal including sales, refunds, voids, post authorizations and settlement. You can even use your computer's laser or inkjet printer to print customer receipts or various management reports. All of the software we sell have the latest version to permit all of the information required by the credit card companies including, of course Address Verification (AVS) and the new fraud prevention tool known as CVV2.

If you want the ability to swipe cards from your computer we will gladly order the magnetic stripe reader (like the one in the upper left corner of this page) you need for your type of computer. Magnetic stripe readers cost approximately $150.00 depending on the type that you need.

Software Options

There are several great options when it comes to ordering credit card software. The one which we recommend most often is PC Charge Pro. We have selected this software as our top choice because we believe that it is the most feature rich credit card processing software on the market today and is fully upgradeable when any major changes are added in the future.

PC Charge Pro

PC Charge Pro


  • Accepts all major credit cards
  • Certified with all of the major processors
  • Meets up to date compliance standards for MasterCard and Visa
  • Customer database with recurring and installment billing allows you to schedule payment processing according to your specific business requirements
  • Real time or batch transaction processing
  • Supports single or multi-user
  • Can be upgraded to support an unlimited number of merchant numbers or workstations
  • Works in both dialup mode or with IP (Internet) connectivity using SSL
  • Designed for stand-alone, client-server, or integrated solutions
  • Client Server software supports customer database capabilities, card readers, PIN pads and check readers
  • Robust and customizable reporting features

Fraud Protection Plus:

  • AVS (Address Verification Services) is an industry standard known for its effectiveness in reducing loss by confirming if the ship to address matches the bill to address
  • CVV2 reduces chargebacks by as much as 26%, verifying that the card values on the front match those on the back of the card
  • Exclusive MSV (Magnetic Strip Verification) validates the magnetic account information by matching the embossed account number
  • User level password protection provides controlled permissions
  • Data file encryption allows you to encrypt and protect the consumer's credit card account numbers in the database
  • Compliant with California Senate Bill 930, ensuring "secure" receipts
Single User - One Computer
Additional Merchant Licenses
Unlimited Additional License Package

Go Software, the manufacturer of PC Charge Pro has created an excellent online slide show presentation. Please click here to download and view the slide show. The slide show will only take about 5 minutes to view and you can push Escape (ESC) on your keyboard at anytime to return to the CCPS Software page.



Another very popular option is ICVerify software. More merchants have used ICVerify over the years then any other credit card processing software.

ICVerify Pricing

ICVerify Single User Windows Ver 2.5



Many POS resellers prefer using PCAuthorize to integrate with their solution. This excellent feature rich software is available to you at excellent pricing.

PCAuthorize Pricing

PCAuthorize Single User Windows


If you think that software is the right solution for your business then CCPS would like to assist you with this solution. Please feel free to contact Kevin via Email or by calling 215-489-7878 with any of your software related questions. You might also want to fill out the I Want More Info form below.

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