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Terminal Rental Program

Credit Card Processing Services is pleased to be one of the only companies to offer a month-to-month terminal rental program specifically designed for the small merchant.

While most of our competitors only offers expensive equipment purchase plans or long term lease commitments, CCPS recognizes that we can still earn a fair profit and at the same time give our merchants reasonable pricing with flexibility.

We have selected our two most popular credit card processing units for the terminal rental program.

Tranz 330
Hypercom T7P
Verifone Tranz 330
Hypercom T7Plus


How the Program Works

  1. Sign the standard rental agreement. We will gladly fax you a copy for review.

  2. You will rent a Verifone Tranz 330 or a Hypercom T7Plus on a month-to-month basis.

  3. You will write a business check for $50.00 for the Tranz 330 or $100.00 for the T7Plus payable to CCPS as a security deposit that is returnable after the first year.

  4. CCPS will automatically debit your checking account each month for your rental payment. The monthly rental for the Tranz 330 is $25.00 and for the Hypercom T7Plus is $35.00 (plus applicable state sales tax).

  5. At any time during the rental term you may opt to purchase your rental unit. We will give you credit for your deposit, but not the monthly rental payments. The base purchase price we use is $259.00 for the Tranz 330 and $399.00 for the T7Plus.

* Rental equipment is either new or refurbished and is sent at the sole discretion of CCPS. We reserve the right to limit the number of units sent to any one merchant.

For complete details of the Terminal Rental Program please call Kevin at 215-489-7878
or send an E-Mail to info@ccps.biz

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