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Internet - Home-Based Business - Mail Order


Simply Stated - Credit Card Processing Services

Home Based, MoTo, & Internet Businesses

While many banks and major processors shy away from these types of businesses, Credit Card Processing Services approves well over 98% of these legitimate businesses.

We recognize that with large companies downsizing, incomes stagnant, and the American entrepreneurial spirit alive and well that many of you have started businesses in your basement, in your spare bedroom, or from your kitchen table.

As long as your company has a legitimate product or service our processing banks can approve our business to accept the major credit cards. CCPS proudly represents several processors who are friendly to home based, mail order, and Internet businesses.

Depending upon your specific needs we will place you on the program that we believe is the best for your product or service. That way you can be sure that you will receive the best discount rate possible.  

Your service will include Address Verification Service (AVS) which will increase your comfort level in shipping products to customers you will never meet in person. Performing address verification is required by both MasterCard and Visa for mail order and Internet merchants and by failing to perform AVS your transaction will be downgraded, which will result in a higher discount rate for that particular sale. It is simple to perform AVS and only adds a few seconds to each sale. In addition to AVS all of our programs allow you to check the CVV2 code which is an extra security measure to protect the merchant. The CVV2 code is the 3 digit code on the back of all MasterCard and Visa cards or the 4 digit code printed on the front of American Express cards. This extra level of protection helps to alert you regarding possible customer fraud because the only real way that a customer would know these numbers is by having the card physically in their hand.

Our most popular program for home-based merchants is the Authorize.Net Merchant Account Program. Authorize.Net is the leading gateway and virtual terminal in the United States. The virtual terminal allows you to manually key sales in that you have received either in-person, over the Internet, via fax, or through the mail. In addition, if you have a website that sells products Authorize.Net can integrates with all of the major shopping carts so that you can accept orders and process credit cards in real-time.

Authorize.Net Merchant Account Pricing

Interchange Plus Pricing

Authorize.Net Virtual Terminal and Real-Time Gateway

Authorize.Net Setup
(With Merchant Account Setup)
Monthly Gateway Fee

Merchant Account Pricing

MasterCard & Visa Rate
2.25 % + 30 Cents per Transaction
Monthly Statement Fee
Monthly Minimum
  • Above MasterCard and Visa rate is for Qualified Manually Keyed Transactions with AVS
  • Mid-Qualified Transactions – Add .92 %
  • Non-Qualified Transactions – Add 1.27 %
  • CCPS can also assist you with setting up your American Express and Discover merchant accounts

If you are a small merchant who would like to accept credit cards but do not want to incur unreasonable monthly minimum fees or a long term equipment lease commitment then Credit Card Processing Services has the ideal program for you. We call this program Touchtone Processing and all that you need to conduct credit card transactions is a regular touchtone phone or while on the road you can use your cellular phone. Please click on the banner below for complete details.

CCPS Touchtone Processing

We are excited that one of Credit Card Processing Services home-based merchants was featured in the Home Inc. section of the April 1997 edition of Entrepreneur Magazine. It described how Mr. Greenlee of JWG Enterprises tried to get merchant status but became frustrated when several large banks turned him away. It wasn't until he was referred to CCPS  that he had his service within one week and his sales increased 25%. CCPS proudly presents a reprint of this article on our web site with permission from the editor of Entrepreneur Magazine.

If the Authorize.Net program or any of our programs is what you have been looking for then please complete the Application Apply Online form to setup your new merchant account. For more information please feel free to email or call Kevin at 215-489-7878.

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