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American Express
Discover    Diners Club

Credit Card Processing Services will assist your company in applying for and programming in each of the card types which you choose to accept. There is absolutely no charge from us for this service.

American Express

No matter what type of business you own, you should probably seriously consider accepting the American Express Card. CCPS will manage the entire process of arranging for you to accept "The Card" from providing you with the application paperwork to programming your terminal or software with the proper information. We make it easy for you every step of the way. American Express uses a grid system to determine the rates your business will pay. It is categorized by the type of business and your estimated average ticket and annual volume. Please feel free to call us at 215-489-7878 and we would be happy to quote you your American Express rate.
Please direct any specific questions to American Express at 800-445-2639.


If you would like to accept the Discover Card, then please let us know. Since the mid 1990’s Credit Card Processing Services has been what is called a Discover RAP (Referral Agent Partner). What that means to you is that we have online access to be able secure for you a Discover merchant directly from Discover at the same rates they would quote you if you called yourself. We can usually obtain your Discover merchant number within 24 hours. CCPS will make sure that your Discover merchant number is properly programmed in your terminal or software.
Please direct any specific questions to Discover at 800-347-2000.

Diners Club

If you own a hospitality business such as a restaurant or lodging establishment, or a business which caters to upscale clients then you should certainly consider accepting Diners Club and Carte Blanche. We have enjoyed a great relationship with Diners Club for over a decade and would be happy to refer your business to a Diners Club rep who will contact you directly. Once they approve your account they will call us with your merchant number so we can program it in your terminal or software.
Please direct specific questions to Diners Club at 800-525-7376

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