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All Major Credit Cards

Credit Card Processing Services, Inc. will assist you in applying to process all of the major credit cards your company chooses to accept. Statistics show that by accepting credit cards your sales will increase by 40%!

The cards that you will be able to process include the following:

Although we will primarily setup your MasterCard and Visa merchant accounts, we will also at your request help establish your other card types. CCPS is proud to be an External Sales Agent (ESA) for American Express and a Referral Agent Partner (RAP) for Discover Card. This allows us to coordinate all of the setup work on your behalf and quote you the exact same rates or lower than if you were to call Amex or Discover yourself. In addition, if you would like to accept Debit Cards please click on the Debit Cards button to the left.

We are very proud to be a registered ISO/MSP with the MasterCard and Visa associations. Please read the meaning of this registration because it sets us apart from approximately 90% of the merchant account web sites on the Internet. An unregistered company offering merchant services is against the bankcard regulations and is like depositing your money in an uninsured bank whose building is on wheels.

CCPS offers extremely competitive discount rates. We invite you to navigate our site for the programs that best match your type of business. The buttons on the home page will help you in your initial search and then the longer buttons on the left side of each page will help narrow your search. If you are new to the world of credit card processing you will notice that there are two major rate structures mandated by MasterCard and Visa, a lower one for card present swiped sales and a higher level for card not present manually keyed sales. If you have any questions on how these interchange levels work please feel free to ask Kevin.

Our credit policy is extremely liberal. Since we work closely with several major processors, we have the ability to approve virtually every type of business, from the home-based Internet web site to major hotel chains. Together we will decide which one of our many programs is best for your company.

If you currently accept credit cards simply fax us a copy of your latest merchant statement. Our fax number is 215-489-7880. We will analyze your statement and give you a no-pressure processing proposal.

Once you are ready to explore going with Credit Card Processing Services, please complete the I Want More Info form below and Kevin will contact you within 24 hours. Then when you have made the decision to use our services, please complete the Application Apply Online form at the bottom of the page. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact Kevin via Email or by calling 215-489-7878.

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